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The Board of Trustees of La Solitude de Pré-d'en-Haut invites you to submit your well-being aond/or spiritual workshop plan and / or rental of buildings and lodging that is an integral part of your services to your clientele. Solitude is a wonderful place to help people grow and flourish, and now is the time to plan and submit your innovative, energetic workshops, to be held at the Solitude, for the year 2019.

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PHOTO : Le Thabor, our meeting space at La Solitude, is an octogonal room bathed in natural light, facing the Petitcodiac river. We can fit up to 30 people, confortably seated. The building includes 2 bathrooms, a mini fridge, a plasma screen, a wood stove with heated floor and electricity.

The deadline to submit your application is November 28th 2019. The Program Team will study your proposal to evaluate if it meets our mission and values. When your project is approved, our Coordinator will contact you as soon as January to confirm the dates and the details of the contract. 


1- Read the Guide for workshop facilitators and leaders  that contains the information you will need.
2- Downlaod the following document: Soumission/application 2020
3- Fill the document to the best of your ability and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The title of the email should be : APPLICATION 2020

Why engage with La Solitude?

• you can rent the whole place at low cost;
• your clients can have a unique and profound experience;
• simplicity leads to fulfillment;
• natural tranquility promotes personal well-being; and
• a warm welcome by volunteers creates rewarding links for everyone.

La Solitude de Pré-d'en-Haut Inc. wants to create a new relationship with you and help you in your continued services to your clients. You can visit the place any time and start, or continue, an excellent linkage with La Solitude.

Enjoy the growth in your workplans and we await the pleasure of your communications with us.