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Presented by: Monique Léger
November 23-25 2018
Friday 6pm to Sunday noon
with workshop
Monique Léger
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Presented in: Bilingual/Bilingue 
Caring and Cared for is a retreat for those who are caring for others personally or professionally

Presented in: Majority in English with some French conversation


The workshop addresses the subtle signs of isolation, frustration and exhaustion.  You will learn how to pace yourself while caring for others. You will learn language to communicate feelings that seem to have no words, communicate so you are understood and develop subtle skills that will support you in your caring work. Participants will rest, reflect and refresh relationships with self, others, nature, and deepen their knowing of how to care for themselves in the process of caring for others.

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Caregivers help another person live and hopefully attain a higher quality of life. They often assume their roles through unavoidable circumstances while others choose to adopt it in their professional lives. The emotional and physical strain placed on caregivers often affects their health and wellbeing while placing at risk the quality of care that can be offered to the individual being cared for.

This workshop addresses issues of social isolation and the challenges of caregiving. As Dr. Suzanne Dupuis-Blanchard, Professor and Research Chair in Population Aging CNFS at the Université de Moncton says, “many of the province’s younger citizens have left to pursue careers farther west. The seniors are here, but the family isn’t ... The sense we most often get is, ‘I’m really alone here’. Dupuis-Blanchard finds reason for hope: “This is our chance to really shine ... To be role models for the rest of the country and to think outside the box.”

Caring and Cared for affirms this hope and proposes an ethics of care which invites simplicity in the return to relation with oneself and others. No matter the community or model, an ethics of care prepares the ground of wellness in ‘Being’ with simple steps. Each of the steps is an invitation for presence, listening, breath space and grounding.Workshop objective: Caring and Cared for is a welcoming and nourishing space for anyone caring for others in their personal or professional life (caregivers of family members or community, frontline workers, teachers, first responders). All who resonate with the term caregiver are welcome.Participants will be invited to take advantage of the nurturing surroundings of La Solitude’s 37 acres and the daily beauty of the high and low tides of the Petitcodiac River. Choosing to stay here is giving oneself permission to take a pause in a solitary location in the midst of nature. A way of learning to take care of oneself only, so one can hear the voice deep down inside. You discover again the silence that lives in everyone, and you learn to listen to it so as to give a new meaning to life. You take time for yourself!Outcome: This is an opportunity for you to rest, reflect and refresh your relationships with self, others, the land and water, your work and, the pathways through which you support yourself. 

The teachers will guide you in creating a simple self care tool box and you will be supported by daily contemplative practices, gentle movement, silence, individual meetings, nourishing food and the relational gift of sitting in a community of caregivers.


Vendredi/ Friday
7pm to 9pm— Atelier /Workshop

9:30 am to 12: 00 — Atelier /Workshop
1:30 pm to 5:00 pm) — Atelier /Workshop

Dimanche /Sunday
9:30 am to 11:30 am) — Atelier /Workshop


Cost: $450 Early bird registration before November 3rd.
$475 after November 3rd . Only 14 places.
Financial support available.
Cost includes accommodation in a private cabin equipped with a woodstove and all necessary amenities, delicious vegetarian meals and workshop materials.

100$ deposit is requiered 
Refunds require 7 days notice
Balance to be paid by November 20th.

Deadline to register: November 3rd, 2018

To register:

Monique Léger
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About the facilitators

Shauna and Lana have a long history of working with people from all walks and diverse stages of life. From their experience with palliative care patients to professionals struggling in their own lives with isolation, they have been accompanying people for decades as caregivers and as supporters to caregivers. Their profession is a vocation. They have found ways to give words to ambiguous loss, being present while the person being cared for is disappearing and made presentations at the International Congress on Palliative Care. They continue to learn and share from their service and inspired curiosity in nature, poetry and human life.

Biography-Shauna Beharry

MA (Interdisciplinary arts). Director, writer, professor. Born in London, grew up in Ireland, moved to Saskatchewan and now lives in Montreal. Provides counselling to religious professionals, specialists in medicine and psychology, as well as those in the arts and humanities. She serves inter-spiritual, inter-religious, and inwardly seeking communities

Biography-Lana Kim McGreary

MA (Religious sciences). Spiritual Care Counselor at the Montreal Neurological Hospital ALS and Brain Tumor clinics. Member of the supportive care team West Island Palliative Care Residence in Montreal. Lana grew up on the banks of the Richelieu River and the Appalachian foothills. She has been practicing traditional herbalism since 1988 presenting at the International Congress on Palliative Care in Montreal in October 2018.