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Presented by: Candace Raynes
November 09th - November 11th, 2020
Monday 4:30 Pm to Wednesday noon
222 $ / 255 $
with workshop
Candace Raynes
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Presented by Candace Raynes
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Join Shifting Light Studio at La Solitude for an incredible 2 day retreat!! Come clear the chakras using a combination of yoga, meditation, journaling and fully connecting to nature while leaving behind all external distractions! You deserve it, your soul is begging for it and your heart is yearning for the connection with YOU!

***MAX OF 8 Now due to GVT Regulations***

Beginners are most welcome! No need to be a seasoned long term yogi/yogini to receive full benefits from this weekend retreat, only the want to connect with your true soul essence. It's time to connect with yourself, take this opportunity to clear all the chatter in the mind, connect with like minded individuals and align with your true purpose!

First let's talk about La Solitude: I took my first trip there last spring and was reminded how incredibly powerful it is to put away the electronics, eat a basic diet, connect with nature and embrace silence to truly hear the guidance that is already inside. Removing the external distractions gives us the chance to really listen to our heart, heal on levels I didn't know were possible and come back home more equipped and better able to handle all that life will always throw at us.

At La Solitude all you need to bring is yourself, a yoga mat, a journal and some clothing, the rest is provided for you! There are showers and washrooms on site, you will get your own private cabin fully equipped with power, heat, all basic amenities as well as basic food to fully clear the mind, body and soul of all distractions. Here we follow our heart, connect with our inner guidance and receive the opportunity to fully connect with nature as we wander these grounds on the Petitcodiac River. Complete silence everywhere on the grounds except in the Thabor when we're in class.

November 9-11th Check in between 4:30-5:30pm

We will focus on the 7 main chakras to clear, balance, align and rejuvenate. The root is our seat of safety, the sacral our creativity and passion and the solar is our personal power, the throat allows us to speak our truth, the third eye is our intuition and the crown is our gateway to spirit. There will be much focus on the heart chakra because it's the chakra that helps merge the upper and lower into complete alignment with our soul purpose. We will dig into these chakras using guided journaling questions, meditation and mindful yoga sequences to help clear and balance from ground up.

We will start our Monday evening with a heart centered meditation and Yin Yoga after the short welcome chat to fully bring you into your heart center so you can get the most from this weekend. I will send you back to your cottage with some questions to journal on and ample time to walk these beautiful grounds in complete silence so you're able to truly and fully connect with the essence of YOU again. Free of external distractions.

Tuesday we will start our day with a grounding yoga sequence that focuses on the sacral and root combined with meditation to fully connect us with Gaia and ground us back into our bodies. There will be a couple guiding questions to help you connect to these chakras and determine if there may be something holding you back from your truest self here.

You will have time to walk the grounds, journal and just be prior to coming back to do a Yin Yoga geared toward the solar plexus and throat chakra with a guided meditation and guiding questions to assist you in focusing your intention on these two to align and balance these chakras. We will break again for you to have time to be with yourself while integrating the teachings.

We will end the day with a sequence geared toward the third eye and the crown. A slow moving, mindful sequence to get the energy flowing, clear these chakras and focus our intent on connecting with internal knowledge. We'll wrap up with guided meditation and guiding questions for your personal use to assist in seeing what, if anything needs cleared. You will then again be given time to yourself, to do as you please...

On Wednesday we will end our morning by coming back to the heart center again, we will give thanks for the time we've had together, the time we've had to really listen to ourselves and to leave the retreat fully aligned with our inner guidance to carry us through to the next retreat. You will then have time to do as you please, pack up and head home or walk the grounds to further integrate the healing we've embraced.

You will leave this retreat with mini sequences you can do on your own, questions you can revisit as often as you wish and information on each chakra as well as affirmations and mantras for each chakra so you can continue the work at home as well.
I will also have energy, sound and crystal healing appointments available if you need assistance moving the energy through or just want a little more self love while away. These slots will need to be pre booked as space is limited.


Lundi / Monday 
4:30 pm - 5:30 pm  Registration and orientation
6:30 pm welcome talk (heart centering meditation and yoga)

Mardi / Tuesday 
10 am yoga/discussion
6 pm yoga/sound healing

Mercredi / Wednesday  
10 am return to heart, leave at 12

Facebook: Shifting Light Studio


Payment in the amount of $222 must be made by October 31st


Dépôt/Deposit : 100$ non-refundable deposit to secure spot.

About Candace

Multi faceted healer, using sound, energy, yoga, Acupuncture and Naturopathy to assist in bringing the physical body back into rest and relax.

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