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Presented by: Monique Léger and Carrie Bahm
September 10-12th
Friday 4pm to Sunday 2pm
$250 - $50 deposit

Monique Léger

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Dream Work and Authentic Movement: A journey into new landscapes

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Embodying dream landscapes and characters for a deeper understanding of what moves within us and how.

Dreams, through sleep or being awake, are the spiritual and primeval spine of our longings. Whether we fly or dive, fight tigers or become them, whether we remember our dreams or not, dreams come from the body.

Through the practice of Authentic Movement* and Active Imagination, we will return to the sensory memory of inner landscapes, move and be moved by them to have a renewed relationship with our deep selves and bring forth the teachings and richness of subconscious patterns.

*A physical practice of moving with eyes closed in the presence of a witness.




  • Arrival 4-5pm
  • Studio work 6:30-8:30


  • Studio work: 10am- 1pm
  • Nature walks: 2-4pm
  • Studio work: 4pm-7pm
  • Evening walk: optional 9-10pm


  • Studio work: 10-1pm
  • Departure 2pm

Cost (including lodging and simple food):

Deposit : $50

Register before:  2 weeks prior to start date

To register or for more information:

Monique Léger

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What kind of free spirit is it that breathes through me and is the dominant influence in my life?”       

                                                         Helen A. Luke

Carrie Bahm is in private practice in the Annapolis Valley, NS. Having worked in healthcare and education before finding her true vocation in psychotherapy. Combining craniosacral therapy and zero balancing with a focus on somato-emotional release, she has developed her own unique approach. Carrie has spent the last 20yrs honing her skills and delving more deeply into the unconscious through dream work and body-soul work. Her practice focuses on attending to the whole person: mind-body-soul and uniting the opposites.

Having recently relocated to the East Coast, Carrie has spent the last 15yrs on Vancouver Island in private practice. She facilitates support groups, individual counselling sessions and community rituals; creating safe place in which we can learn to hold and be held in sacred ceremony. Since the covid pandemic, she has been working exclusively on-line.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ph or text: 250 895-9199

Website carriebahmconsciousbodycounselling.wordpress.com

Facebook: Singing Waters Craniosacral Body Therapy and Counselling

Why I want to offer this workshop:

“I am really excited to be working with Monique and combining both our practices in attending to the inner movement of dreams by allowing Authentic Movement to bring the dream to life. I love Monique's wisdom and extensive background in body movement bringing together ways to help others to come to this gentle tending in learning how to nurture our inner impulses, to lean in and to allow what is waiting to come forth to be born.

Bringing together the inner world of dreams with the outer movement of safe containment and witnessing we bring together the two worlds – the outer and the inner- this moves us toward wholeness and unity.”


Monique Léger

Monique Léger has an active performing and somatic arts practice that spans more than 40 years. She returned to her native Acadie in 2017, introduced her movement work to new audiences and participants and integrated the professional arts community. Authentic Movement, Syntonics, Intelligence of Movement and movement dramaturgy form the keystones of her continued research and quest to bring about a more profound relationship with one’s innate expression and in relationship with others.

She has been marked by many teachers and collaborators and particularly so by Judith Koltai (founder of Embodied Practice), Monika Pagneux (Movement dramaturge for Peter Brook), Steve Paxton (Contact Improvisation), Meredith Monk (The House), Thierry Thieu Niang (film Habiter le mouvement). She seeks to invite the poetic gesture and breath, giving form to deep impulses and expanding one’s field of presence.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website: moniqueleger.com

Instagram: moniquelegerartist.e

Why I want to offer this workshop:

“In this Dream Work and Authentic Movement workshop, I want to be both a participant and a teacher! I am so much looking forward to teaching with Carrie whose vast knowledge and experience in the realm of the underworld, the subconscious and ceremony is sure to bring anyone’s practice to a deeper level. Carrie has a unique talent in asking the true questions. She guides her clients with intense clarity and generous insight based on many years of practice.


Authentic Movement is a beautiful container for Carrie’s work as it holds the participant in a safe environment to explore movement and unearth a new understanding of the star dust that animates our dreaming worlds.”


Solitude, a silent environment

Focused on wellness, personal development and spiritual growth, our workshops are presented in the Tabor. Package includes lodging in one of our 15 houses and simple meals.

The stay is designed to encourage interiority. The rusticity of the accommodation, the simplicity of the food, the silence, the absence of distractions, everything is meant to contribute to this.

To find out more about what we provide and what you need to bring with you, click on the link below: