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Presented by: Renée Morel

September 17-19
6pm Friday to Sunday noon
$280 $50 deposit (non refundable)

Renée Morel

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(506) 866-6339


Presented by:  Renée Morel



6pm Friday September 17th to Noon on Sunday September 19th

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A weekend retreat designed to help you disconnect from the distractions of 3D reality, and take a quantum leap into 5D.

Connect to your Higher Self and initiate self-healing through silent reflection, guided mediations, including a Dolores Cannon past life group regression experience.  


La Solitude de Pré-d’en Haut is the perfect setting to take a deep dive into the realm of your subconscious mind and explore the root cause of physical, emotional and spiritual issues or traumas you would like to finally understand and resolve. 

By shutting out the 3D world and embracing the peace and the silence of your heart space, you will more easily hear the messages of your body and your Higher Self.

You will be guided to opening up an inner portal to bring forth and expand your true purpose and mission and align to your highest timeline in the emerging New Earth.

(Workshops are offered in English and French, 2 groups.)



4 pm to 5:30 pm  – Registration and Check in  


7:30 pm to 9 pm  Setting the stage and guided meditation

You will set your intentions for your self-healing retreat, and we will embark on a journey to meet one of your guides or guardian angels to receive a message and help you connect more deeply to your Higher Self.


Evening options: explore the site in silence on your own or through meditation and automatic writing in your cabin.





2 pm to 4 pm  Regression Workshop

You will explore the root cause of the situation you would like to heal or resolve in your present life by connecting with your Higher Self, through a Dolores Cannon past life group regression.


Options: continue the discussion with your Higher Self by exploring the site in silence or through mediation and automatic writing on your own in your cabin.




10:15 am to 11:45 am  - « Soul Speak » Workshop

In this workshop, which includes a guided meditation, you will choose and deep dive into one physical or emotional challenge. I will guide you in understanding the messages of your body to trigger self-healing.


“Every ache, pain, illness, and disease is a message trying to be delivered to you. These messages are coming from the greater part of you that knows why you are here and what your purpose is.”  — JULIA CANNON, SOUL SPEAK, The Language of Your Body


Options: Delve deeper into the meaning of the messages by exploring the site in silence or through mediation and automatic writing on your own in your cabin.


12 noon  « Check out »

(including lodging and simple fare): 

$280 ($244 + HST)   $50 deposit (non refundable)


Register before

September 10th

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Please bring a journal or notebook and a pen.

For details about your stay: https://lasolitude.ca/en/retreats/workshops


To register or for more information:

Renée Morel

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(506) 866-6339


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Renée Morel - QHHT® Level 2 Practitioner and Soul Speak Practitioner

Renée helps people connect to their Higher Self to find their own answers to their questions through past life regression. In 2018, she trained in person at the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy in Eureka Springs Arkansas with founder Dolores Cannon’s daughter, Julia Cannon. Her office is located in Edmundston, New Brunswick.



Solitude, a silent environment

Focused on wellness, personal development and spiritual growth, our workshops are presented in the Tabor. Package includes lodging in one of our 15 houses and simple meals.

The stay is designed to encourage interiority. The rusticity of the accommodation, the simplicity of the food, the silence, the absence of distractions, everything is meant to contribute to this.

To find out more about what we provide and what you need to bring with you, click on the link below: