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Presented by : Jacquie Daigle
16-18 December, 2022 (COMPLET)
Friday 16th to Sunday noon (arrival between 16:00 and 17:30 Friday, Dec 16th)
297 $, Deposit : $100

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Winter Solstice is a time to honor the sun, the light, both outside and inside of us. By taking this time to recharge in silence and nature, one can find the strength to tackle the winter blues that come with shorter days and colder temperatures.
This retreat is a time to connect deeply with nature, to find divinity in the trees, the river, the birds and animals, and even the little wood stove fires. I guide my clients on walks through the trails of La Solitude, slowly allowing them to discover for themselves, the enchanting and mystical nature.


Biography :


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Since I retired from the Federal Government in 2018, I’ve successfully run 19 retreats, mostly in the Mary’s Point/Cape Enrage area.

Most of these were sold out. I am a certified Healing Touch (Healing Beyond Borders) and a Theta Healing Practitioner are currently in storage as I am in the process of moving to La Solitude as a live-in volunteer. However I can get them to you tomorrow).
I am currently studying with the Center of Applied Jungian Studies to hone my skills as a Shadow Work Guide. Through my 20 years with the Federal Government, I’ve taken part in training, workshops and seminars that provided me with additional knowledge, such as Health and Safety, and Service Excellence. I worked at the Canadian High Commission as a Passport Agent during the summer of 2005; as well, I was also deployed as a Security Officer for the Vimy Centennial in France in 2017. I’ve been a speaker on Nature for Healing for the Moncton chapter of the Women’s Progress Club, the World Wellness Expo, and the Riverview Holistic Fair.