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Presented by Courtney Amo
14-16 April 2023
Friday 6pm to Sunday noon (Arrival between 4 and 5 pm)
$350 (includes lodging and simple meals)

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Are you facing a life transition, or feeling stuck in your current lifestyle, job or circumstances?
Developed by Stanford University’s Bill Burnett and Dave Evans, Designing your Life applies a human-centred, design thinking approach to designing a life and a work life that you love. By tapping into your body’s wisdom to understand what energizes you and brings you joy, you can overcome blockages and barriers to your success.
In this experiential, hands-on workshop, Courtney combines the Designing your Life method with her expertise in yoga, embodiment and coaching, to create a unique approach to tapping into your body to guide you on your path. You will leave the workshop with key insights and direction to get unstuck and back on track toward the life you want.


Registration is limited to 10 participants only

To register, visit: www.mahaayoga.com/payments


Expected schedule:


Friday, April 14, 2023:

• Arrive between 4-5pm
• Meet in Thabor 6pm
• Introductions, review of weekend, design thinking, intention setting, 6-8pm
• Personal time 8pm


Saturday, April 15, 2023:

• Yoga class and meditation in Thabor, 8am
• Workshop: building your compass, 10am-12pm
o Values
o Dashboard
o Embodied Energy and Flow
o Impact
• Lunch, 12-1pm
• Workshop: Tapping your creative self, 1-3pm
o Getting unstuck
o Opening up the possibility space
o Embodied direction
o Mindmapping and other creative tools
• Break – 3-4pm
• Yoga class and meditation in Thabor, 4-5:30pm
• Supper, 5:30-7pm
• Sharing and reflections in the Thabor, 7-8pm
• Personal time, 8pm


Sunday, April 16, 2023

• Yoga class and meditation in Thabor, 7am
• Workshop: Odysee Planning, 8:30am-11:30am o Exploring possibilities
o Trying things
o Choosing happiness
• Closing circle, 11:30am


 Biography :


Courtney Amo is a bilingual, certified Yoga Instructor, coach, leader, and co-author of the soon to be published book “The Mind-Body Way: The Embodied Leader’s Path to Resilience, Connection, and Purpose” (mindbodywaybook.com).
She became a Designing your Life certified coach in 2021, and continues to refine her training in this domain. For more information on Designing your Life, visit: https://designingyour.life