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La Solitude is the perfect place to get away from technology and give a break to your devices, make time for yourself and recharge your own batteries by connecting with nature.

Fresh air and sunshine, gazing up at the clouds or a starry night, free of light pollution, helps to clear the mind and to let go. What seemed complicated is seen differently viewed through the lens of the simplicity of the present moment and the beauty of nature.
To fully enjoy the benefits of your silent retreat and connecting with nature, it is strongly advised to put aside, as much as possible, anything that may distract from the inner journey.

For most people, this means disconnecting from their electronic devices (phone, computer, camera, iPod, tablet, etc.)

For others, it might be to refrain from reading distracting books, or maybe to avoid taking many photos.

Moreover, it is important to respect the privacy of others by not taking photos of them without their knowledge or consent.

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