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An interval of silence in a piece of music is known as a rest. Various symbols represent the length of the pause. As a necessary breath, silence is essential to the rhythm, and offers a break between sections.

Sometimes, life in the 21st century also requires a pause or a break, a necessary breath. Time to relax, to change our rhythm, to find harmony ... to simply focus on what is key.

Exchanging the noises in our daily lives for those we find in nature can sometimes cause us discomfort. But when we move out of our comfort zone we also give ourselves permission to see things more objectively.

Silence and solitude give us the luxury of carving out space in our busy lives to stop and to listen to the wind in the trees, the songs of the birds, the chatter of a red squirrel, the crackling of dry leaves underfoot ... and, eventually, the still small voice inside.

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