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In its permaculture plan for the La Solitude premises, the Site & Buildings Maintenance Team will make a major effort this winter to remove the dead trees from the property. Spruce logs that can be saved will be sawed into boards, and for the dying and dangerous poplars, they will be sold to make 'chipboards'.

This is a major chore! La Solitude calls on all those interested in helping to cut trees and gather branches to come lend a hand outdoors, according to your availability and your skills. For the branches, we are looking for a chipper to keep the chips for distribution on walking trails of La Solitude.  The rest of the wood that can be used as firewood will be split accordingly.

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Work schedule
: January 11 to February 12; March 22 to March 25; April 3 to 15, 2021

For all: those who care to stay on site to work for a few days, please reserve a free house (without food) with Etienne at 758-9080. You bring your food and warm clothes to work outside.

For the others, you can arrive anytime during the week, or let Étienne know if you want. Paul, Joe and Étienne will be on site as often as possible. The bathrooms and toilets are heated and so is the Manne.

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