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La Solitude is working hard in these difficult times to offer you a wide variety of workshops to find what your heart needs. Due to the pandemic and the restrictive measures, several workshops had to regrettably be canceled… Fortunately, our wonderful team has kept its optimism and gladly presents various workshops soon to come.

For example, “The spiritual culture of India / Ratha Yatra”, a workshop that offers the chance to connect with divine power through mantra chanting, dancing and other ancient rituals of Hindu culture, will take place on June 19 at La Solitude.
Also, "Healing touch" which will take place from June 12th to 13th; is a training during which an energy therapy is taught aiming to restore balance and harmony within the body’s energy systems.
Additionally, on July 24, the ‘Ecstatic Dance for Womyn’ workshop provides a space for women to dance, break free and heal in love and self-acceptance.

Several other workshops are offered during the summer. Whether you are looking for a space of freedom, peace, healing, spiritual awakening or connection with the self, you will find what calls you. Consult our calendar to find out more about our various events.

Solitude is looking forward to welcoming you!

Our workshops

a) Infection

The white spruce (in monoculture) of La Solitude were infected by an invasive species of Brown Spruce Longhorn Beetle.  The infection was spreading and, to stop the spread, two foresters have warned us that it is better to cut the infested forest while encouraging the planting of new trees of various species.  La Solitude chose to make a selective cut and, while doing it, realized that many trees were rotten or already dead.

b) Lifespan

White spruce have a lifespan of 60 to 80 years. Aspens have a shorter life and they break easily. However, this monoculture is at its full maturity and as a large majority of the trees are already dead, they are also dangerous. Every year for the past four years, trees have fallen here and there, broken by the weight of snow or uprooted by rain and high winds. The example of the woods behind cabins 13 to 15 shows that this area is practically impassable and presents a fire hazard due to the dead and dry wood on the ground.

c) Works

Last year, we cut about 120 spruce trees on the right plateau of cabins 1 to 9. This winter, we cleared the small valley leading to the Thabor and the left plateau of cabins 10 to 15. The fences were knocked down by the high winds because the posts that nailed them to the ground were rotten.  Maintenance of this forest will be done gradually in the next decade, depending on volunteer work. 

d) Spring chore

A generous volunteer bought a chipper for dead branches. A big chore should take place this spring to clean the ground, while keeping the shavings for the trails of La Solitude.

e) Future appearance

We know that portions of the land currently seems bare, but it is important to understand that new trees will grow again, with new and varied species forming a real Acadian forest. In a few years, our forest will be much more pleasant if we know how to encourage it, enrich the soil and allow the sun to penetrate down to the smallest shrubs.  Any help we can have on a voluntary basis will be greatly appreciated either to clean more or to plant other species of trees such as: fruit trees, maples, birches, cherry trees, elms, pines, firs and cedars.

Thank you for your help, your goodwill and your understanding.

The Board of Directors, La Solitude de Pré-d'en-Haut.

La Solitude has four gardens, one of which is communal. Let's talk about the first two which are in front of La Manne and the other next to the Thabor. These two gardens are used to feed the people who stay at La Solitude. We need volunteers to take care of them. Register with the Coordinator  Étienne, and above all, take charge. The third, at the first entrance, is the coordinator's private garden.

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As for the Eco-Sol Community Garden, it is in the field at the entrance to La Solitude