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La Solitude has four gardens, one of which is communal. Let's talk about the first two which are in front of La Manne and the other next to the Thabor. These two gardens are used to feed the people who stay at La Solitude. We need volunteers to take care of them. Register with the Coordinator  Étienne, and above all, take charge. The third, at the first entrance, is the coordinator's private garden.

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As for the Eco-Sol Community Garden, it is in the field at the entrance to La Solitude

As part of a creative project that I am currently undertaking for La Solitude, I am looking for stories, anecdotes and experiences of alumni, volunteers, visitors and regulars who care to share their experience. So, I am calling on the Friends of La Solitude to help me out.

My name is Kunti Camille Bérard and I am currently doing an internship at La Solitude de Pré-d´en-Haut for the summer. I am studying visual arts, literature and drama at the Université de Moncton. Through my internship, I want to bring to La Solitude a creative project that will remain engraved in its archives and in the hearts of the people who frequented it. And I need you to make this project happen!


Starting June 1, La Solitude receives Viveka, a Buddhist monk returning from Burma. Over the next few months, he will work hand in hand with La Solitude to offer public workshops, meditations and spiritual accompaniment sessions brimming with knowledge, wisdom and important connection tools with oneself.

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